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OUR Goal

Saving money, getting exposure, and offering the best of the best in products and services is our philosiphy. The Core of our very existence I guess you can say. Knowing everyone wants to be our friend and they dont know it is the fun part. Providing everything you need underone roof is the amazing part, and knowing you the customer will be satisifed with the results of your project is the icing on the cake.

Offering everything in one package is and always will be key. if someone can get what they need in one stop for a price that is at or better then up the street, and supports local buisness, they are usualy all about it. Teaming with great Partners and Sponsors we provide all you need from Print to Not for Profits and everything in between.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Branding or Product Specialist. They will be able to help you find the right products at the right price and provide optimal customer service in the process.

Always offering what the customers needs at a price that they can not beat else where keeps the customers coming back. Always offering whats new and whats hot is also a mission for our Clients.

What makes us, us

How we run things.

Our Team


The urge for good design is the same as the
urge to go on living.

What we do

The Best Prices, The Best Services, The Best Customer Service! If we make a buck or two, make it famous or make some major Holywood Deal, we would party it up then like we do today. No string attached.



Graphic/Video Design

Great Design is key in any Project, Campaign, or Brand. Working with, and having in house artist of various talents and skill sets, set us apart from most companys. Also providing various Video Services.

Print Design


Web Design/Hosting

From Banners, to Business Cards, and so much more!! With our In House Brand, TheBannerNinja, we can provide all sorts of print products to cover any need.

Ask us more! (We can do it, but dont use it ourself. Its nothing more then someone going in and back linking, and pointing more links to your website for possible traffic. If you provide a solid product or brand then those clients you cater to will find your product by simpily using our Branding Service)

Having a solid Digital Presence is just as important as having a solid brand or product. We offer multiple options when it comes to Web Design, from Wix Templates, to Adobe Muse Templates. Check out TheBannerNinja for more! Packaged with our Hosting, we are a one stop Web Provider.

Our Mission



Product, Artist, Small Business, or a Induvidual....No Sweat! With all the tricks of the trade from years of working in various industrys, we have all your needs in one location.

Marketing 101, Everywhere is Better. Thats our key goal and we have always thrived to work with and market along side the top companys in the there given industrys.

Solid design is good business.


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1183  SW Plass Topeka KS 66604


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